Municipality of Krimpenerwaard

Municipalities process highly confidential personal data on a daily basis. The municipality of Krimpenerwaard has invited Awareness to support them with a security awareness program from both phishing simulation to e-learning.

Communication tools

In the familiar company colors of the Municipality of Krimpenerwaard, we developed several formats all aimed at presenting the golden rules for internet safety in an attractive manner. A poster, a leporello, intranet banners: the branding line of the Municipality Krimpenerwaard offered a perfect basis for a consistent range of formats.

Phishing simulatie

Our (spear)phishing email served as that crucial wake-up call. The results of the staged attack were presented at a general employee meeting. The poignant moment of silence was indicative of the shock. An effective way to illustrate the risks and convey the necessary measures.      

Employee meeting

At the municipality of Krimpenerwaard, the security awareness program was kickstarted with a meeting for all employees, where our founder Maarten Timmerman seriously rocked the boat. With the right amount of shock and information he inspired the attendees to get the job done with renewed spirit.  


After the meeting, the first learning module, security awareness, was available to all employees. The basic principles of secure working in a compact e-learning. From safe printing to strong passwords, where security awareness begins.