Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer makes ambitions come true, including the deliberate aim to safely and consciously process sensitive data. Builders face a range of challenges, both technical and on the level of human relations. Awareways has dynamically taken up the work with this outstanding company.

Baseline measurement

The Awareways baseline measurement was the first procedure we performed at DuraVermeer. The survey among all employees provided a clear picture and starting point for the program content from this point on.

Communication concept

Awareways was happy to develop a communication concept for DuraVermeer. We developed a clear message in a strong corporate design. The key message, ‘our data is ours’ was at the heart of all communications.     


Through an extensive e-learning program next to a constant stream of information by Awareness via the DuraVermeer intranet, secure working is actively highlighted on a quarterly basis.