Maarten Timmerman

Social psychologist and specialized in attitude and behavior with a specific focus on information security and security awareness.

Arthur Timmerman

Marketing & sales specialist with experience in the field of ICT-secondment, hence his interest in information security.

Geertje Veenbergen

Marketeer and communication specialist; responsible for the development of effective security awareness campaigns.

Pieter Kruijt
Veerle Luijten

Veerle, with a history in film, is that creative and expert project manager who will always look out for the fine details to achieve maximum results.  

Hannah Boom

With ample creative and corporate experience, Hannah can safely be trusted to oversee the total spectrum.

Margret Mijwaart

Margret is our dynamic and creative project manager with a great deal of experience at various communication agencies.

Sophie Jellema

Research psychologist Sophie brings people and IT even closer.

Wieke Munsters
Chris van der Werff
Linda Nederlof
Leon Baauw
Rob Nijman

As web editor, Rob roams the internet to provide us all with the latest news and trends.

Anniek de Kort

Anniek is a student of Education Studies at Utrecht University.

Next to her traineeship she is involved in the development of various Awareways projects.

Femke van de Vliet

Math student Femke supports Awareways in numerous ways, from making analyses to drawing up clear reports.

Rob Eijkelhof

Our sales specialist Rob scans the market and works with Arthur Timmerman on our sales activities. 

Sjieuwke Dankert

That crucial link in the field of didactics. Awareways is happy to have educational expert Sjieuwke’s support in the fields of content development and e-learning

Jan-Willem Bullée
Bram Steenkamp
Daan van Eck
Niels Vrijdag
Tom van Ruitenbeek
Max van Toren