Awareways houdt je wekelijks op de hoogte van de meest actuele ontwikkelingen op het gebied van security, privacy, data-integriteit en natuurlijk ‘the human factor’.
22 March 2020
Working remote? 8 tips to keep computer viruses out too

Do you also work at home? Then think about information security! These tips prove that smart measures to combat this epidemic do not have to come at the expense of secure working practices. Moreover, with a few simple actions, you can make things a lot more difficult for cyber criminals. Because they, unfortunately, see this as an opportunity and know how to use this to their advantage. 7 smart tips!

28 January 2019
European Data Privacy Day: Netherlands worried about personal data

European Data Privacy Day: Netherlands worried about personal data

Today is Data Privacy Day. A much-discussed subject at Awareways, and for a reason. Today, the Data Protection Authority published the results of a survey showing that one third of the Dutch are deeply worried about the theme. No less than 94 percent of the respondents is concerned about the protection of personal data.

Reading time: 2-3 minutes

22 January 2019
The popularity of phishing among cyber criminals is unabated: be prepared

In the last quarter of 2018, news items about fishing were again everywhere. Articles or other items on this tenacious form of cyber fraud and the often-frustrating consequences appeared almost daily. Most striking was the Pathé incident - leading to 19-million-euro loss - but consumers are targeted and victimized incessantly.  

This means that for both organizations and consumers phishing is still a risk to reckon with. Hackers know that the most effective way to gain information is to simply ask for it.

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07 January 2019
Consumers’ association: ‘warning for facial recognition smartphones’

Unlocking your phone with facial recognition is so very fast and convenient. But, and not for the first time, this level of user-friendliness also means that we give up a small portion of privacy and information security. Research by the consumers’ association shows that unlocking smartphones through face recognition is more often unsafe than not.

04 January 2019
Strong passwords again a priority in 2019 – 3 tips for safe use

Awareness campaigns and information awareness training programs focus greatly on the importance of strong passwords. And they are right to do so. An analysis by SplashData shows that the number combination ‘123456’ was still the most frequently used password in 2018, as it has been for six (!) years in a row, now.  

20 December 2018
Awareways Secondment: the first six months

More and more is invested in information security, but humans are still the weakest link in the safety chain. Technology is not used safely, people are unaware of the vulnerability of information and effective behavioral changes are challenging. In the spring of 2018 the next step in information security was launched in the shape of Awareways Secondment. Six months in, we talk to managing director Bas de Groot to see where we stand.