Security Awareness Engine

Imagine a tool that goes beyond e-learning. A tool that transfers knowledge and challenges participants to advance from ‘protector bronze’ to ‘protector diamond’. We present to you the Security Awareness Engine. Technical measures, new ideas, new processes, new regulations; the awareness engine is flexible and easy to update and expand.

The core of your awareness program

The Security Awareness Engine is the core of your security awareness program. An interactive tool in which employees can compete with content knowledge and stimulating gamification.

What do we offer?

The Security Awareness Engine is available for all main browsers;

  • the tool is ready to use in multiple languages, whichever individual employees prefer;
  • the complete content is tailor-made by Awareways. It is adapted to your policy, corporate lingo and daily work flow;
  • managers have access to an environment where they can monitor their team.

Meer weten?

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